DEMA Online foreword: Youth voice platform 学运上线发刊词: 青年的发声平台

Image DEMA Media & Publication Department:

In the recent years, the youths from all the part of the world are eagerly participating in protest and demonstration activities, for instances, recently in Taiwan, there are anti-trade pact agreement with China, which lead by the student movement, student movements are also leading of an action in occupying the central city of Hong Kong, while in Brazil, America and even in Europe, a large number of young peoples are also expressing their dissatisfaction with current situation and took to the streets.
Everything is derived from the neo-liberalism, which causes the ruthless exploitation of young generations, whereby all the resources and tools of production are laid in the hands of tycoons and causes the young generation is impossible to start their own business from the scratch. Instead, the internship students are paid with the inadequate salary with the excuses of in the process of learning, as well as the administration of the university is using some powerful political forces to supress the activities and most of the students, to seek for more benefits from the students.

In addition, in the political situation in our country which is totally conservative, draconian act like Act of University and colleges, act of printing presses and publication and so forth are used to contain or suppress the thought and freedom of communication of the citizens, tear gases and water canon are used by the ruler to control or suppress us and the ideology used by the ruler to influence public is the most terrible which causes the young generation take into the street.

Therefore, in order to combine and convey the voices of the young generation, and at the same time, to build up the assertions or discourses of younger generations, the DEMA decided to publish DEMA bulletin on March and September annually. Other than that, the blog of DEMA will also be used as a platform for the public dissemination of ideas and discussion.

Hereby, we hope all the youth activists who have experience or views on certain issues, are encouraged to write and published on the Facebook and also our blog. The next generation will be easier to understand the current world situation because of your contribution, on the same time, we also hope that your works will be able to improve the quality of our discussion and lead to a better society.

At the same time, students will also explore and discussed on the issues like campus democracy, youth poverty, commercialization of the higher education and the experience of other international student movements. Last but not least, we hope that there will more younger generation who are willing to join us, work together to learn and against all the exploitation of young generation act.


Sept,2013: AUKU, who has been oppressed? 
Mac, 2014: Anti Higher Education PIratization (malay version)
Mac, 2014: Anti Higher Education PIratization (chinese version)











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