Press Statement, 9 April 2013 Arul – The best candidate to fight against BN in Semenyih


Malaysia Youth and Democratic Movement (DEMA) strongly support Arul from PSM to contest in Semenyih in this coming 13th General election.

Arul is credible, clean, served the area that he will be contesting for more than 10 years as activists, handled cases ranging from welfare to housing and land matters.Although Arul lost in the last election, he continue to serve the constituents by maintaining a service centre. His effort was earned him huge support. He was proved to be ‘winnable’ candidates.

Provided with the fact that Arul is still currenly negotiating with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) high committee regarding this seats, DEMA would humbly request PR  to allow PSM to contest in a straight fight with BN. Since PSM had already agreed to support PR to capture Putrajaya in this coming General election.

In the 2008, PSM contested under the PKR banner as at that time it was not a registered party. After 2008, it has been registered. Therefore, it is justifiable why Arul should be using their own party logo to contest in this coming election. Moreover, PR does not have any candidates to match the track record of Arul in Semenyih. Based on merits, Arul is the best candidates to fight against BN.

With all due respect, DEMA really hope that PR will consider our demand seriously and allow Arul to fight with BN with the blessing from PR.

Yours Sincerely,

Malaysia Youth and Democratic Movement (DEMA)


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