Sambutan Hari Pekerja 2012

Join thousands of others for the May Day 2012 celebration, “Pekerja Kuasa Perubahan: Utamakan Hak Pekerja,” this 1 May in Kuala Lumpur! We will be gathering at Central Market and walking to Dataran Merdeka.

Malaysia is a growing economy and we have approximately 12.2 million workers; with this growing economy and workforce, there is great urgency to protect workers’ rights that are slowly being eroded to the extent of annihilation.

We the rakyat, in conjunction with International Labour Day call upon the Prime Minister of Malaysia to make all efforts to protect the rights of all workers in Malaysia. We demand:

1. Repeal the implementation of the recent amendments to the Employment Act 1955;

2. Stop arbitrary laws which exploit the workers – set up a Royal Consultative Committee, including representatives from the UN and ILO to review and repeal if necessary all repressive laws in Malaysia;

3. Stop all propaganda and implement a minimum wage of RM1,500 and enact a Minimum Wage Act;

4. Stop union busting and protect workers’ rights, reinstate all trade union leaders dismissed for trade union activities. Government organs and the judiciary must uphold workers’ rights including international instruments passed by the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation in the interest of human rights;

5. Stop gender discrimination and discriminative policies whether in practice or in law. The Malaysian judiciary needs to respect and adopt the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) as a legally binding instrument irrespective of whether it is incorporated as Malaysian law.

6. Control the continuous increase of goods and services prices including oil and reinstate the government subsidy to the rakyat. Stop the Goods and Services Tax that is transferred from businesses to consumers, and stop the privatization of utilities, health and education schemes for the rakyat;

7. Stop discrimination of migrant workers and accord them equal access to all essential services and protective rights including the right to join or form trade unions and to represent them;

8. Stop the FTA negotiations in the interest of the rakyat;

9. Don’t abuse mother earth – STOP LYNAS.


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