Black Revolution: Start from the Perak Crisis.




Colour revolution has taken place in Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe since 21st century. This type of revolution is a peaceful and non-violent movement that participated by the citizen.

Participants in the colour revolutions have used nonviolent resistance to protest against undemocratic governments and at the same time to advocate democracy in their country. These movements adopted a specific colour or flower as their symbol. So far these movements have been successful in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

Before the political tsunami occurred, Malaysia had experienced a few colour revolutions, such as yellow (Bersih), orange (Hindraf) and red (Jerit). These colour revolutions have prompted democracy development in Malaysia.

As the Perak political crisis worsens since May 7, it is time for us to launch a campaign ‘black revolution’ to protest the Barisan National for illegal power grab in Perak.

Therefore, remember that every Thursday is our day of protest, we shall wear our ‘democratic shirt’ to work, school and street to express our dissatisfaction with the illegal regime. We urged for the dissolution of Perak state legislature and let the Rakyat to decide the state government.

For interested buyer, please contact Lee Song Yong (012-6359440,

Selling price: RM15 per t-shirt


1) Buy directly at DEMA’s house.

2) Postal order.

3) Through online media, such Merdekareview, Therocknews and Malaysiakini.

颜色革命(Color revolution)是21世纪初期一系列发生在中亚、东欧独联体国家的以颜色命名,以和平和非暴力方式进行的公民运动。




所以,记得每个星期四是我们的『抗议日』 ,我们一同穿上“民主之衣”去上班、上课、上街来表达我们对于非法政权的不满,也要求霹雳解散州议会、还政于民。

有兴趣订购者,请联络:李松荣 (012-6359440,


1. 直接到学运家购买。

2. 确定付款后,我们会直接寄到您所要求的地址。

3. 通过《独立新闻在线》,《风云时报》,及《当今大马》预购。



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