[Malaysiakini] ISA dragnet widens: MP Teresa Kok too

source: English : http://www.malaysia kini.com/ news/89608
Chinese language: http://www.malaysia kini.com/ news/89607
Bahasa Malaysia: http://www.malaysia kini.com/ news/89609

DAP leader Teresa Kok has also been detained under the Internal
Security Act
– the third person to be detained without trial today.

It is learnt that the Selangor senior executive councillor and
Seputeh parliamentarian was stopped by the police at about 11.18pm on
her way back from a function in Kuala Lumpur.

She was arrested after her vehicle was blocked by three police patrol

Deputy inspector-general of police Ismail Omar said that Kok’s arrest
was made under Section 73(1) of the Act.

In Penang, chief minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said
the party would be holding an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss
the matter.

Earlier today, Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Sin
Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng were also arrested under the Act.

[Full report to follow]


One thought on “[Malaysiakini] ISA dragnet widens: MP Teresa Kok too

  1. It’s was a great loss of well respected minister (the resignation of Zain Ibrahim) in the goverment. The action taken by the BN goverment to againts their opponents was clearly embarrasing Malaysian. It is really ridiculous Do the BN government especially UMNO members know that the third world mentality of them is the stumble block for Malaysia moving forward?Do they know their third world mentality has causing the absence of good governance in this country. I’m really sad to heard that the Terresa Kok was arrested under ISA with reason she has incited racial and religious issues. Why the arrogant UMNO members Ahmad Ismail (Chinese is squatter statement) only subjected to the party disciplinary action whereas Terresa Kok has to changed under the nonsense ISA. Is that mean the UMNO party rule equal to any Malaysia law. My beloved Home Minister, do you know your foolish explanation and decission to used ISA has embarrassed Malaysia as a democratic country. Meanwhile your personal image has from bad to worse.

    The universal words said”Eveyone is equality before the law”. It is can’t denied that the double law standard applied by the BN government is main cause of racial polirization in this country. I think my beloved Home Minister,you better go back to the school and study the ethnic relationship(hubungan etnik) subject again.

    And please BN government don’t ever create the “white terror” or used the old strategic to defend your party interest. Today, most of the Malaysian is not foolish citizen anymore thought your are stupid government. Today the Malaysian want a government are respect civil society,efficient in the use of public resources and effective in delivering public good.

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