Sexy school uniforms?

HI, PKPIM suggesting the revamp on high school female student uniform saying that it is too sexy and leads to premarital sex and rape.

How you look at it? Is important for student movement to be look at things from equality perspective, not only on civil and political rights perspective.

Few question to think about:

1. Does sexy uniform cause sexual assault?

2. Is it the fault of the victim or the perpetrator when sexual assaults happen?

3. What is the solution/measure can be taken for rape and pre-marital sex among high school students? But of course in the fist place, we need to ask do we accept pre-marital sex?

4. What is your stand for school uniforms? Need to revamp?

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4 thoughts on “Sexy school uniforms?

  1. If you believe your school uniforms lead to premarital sex and even rape you should think about getting some counseling because you may be sick.

  2. Rape is from men (and boys) who don’t respect girls and women. But girls should recognize that many men don’t respect them and act accordingly for their own benefit.
    Don’t hang out by yourself with a bunch of boys. This “invites” gang rape. Boys who would not rape on their own feel they need to prove themselves to one another.
    Don’t go with a boy just the two of you to an isolated place. This “invites” him to copulate with you.
    I put (“) around “invites” as he has no right to copulate with you without your permission. He may feel invited though you don’t really mean to invite him to copulate with you.
    Raper may not mean to harm you. He just has a desire to copulate and you are convenient for use.
    Around a week after you finish your period is when you are most attractive and give off scents that excite boys to copulate. Be especially on guard during your fertile days as boys are most strongly drawn to you and you feel most attracted to boys during those days.

  3. It is a gender discrimination to dictate female to do this or that simply because of male’s like and dislike.

    Consider the following cases: 1st case, males of 21st century like sexy female. Then, the government and the public force the female to wrap themselves suitably (e.g. female must not wear sexy clothes). 2nd case, males of 25th century, because of psychological distortion, like wrapped female instead of sexy female. This time, the government and the public then force the female to be sexy suitably (e.g. female must wear sexy clothes) .

    We therefore see that, the female has to act according to male’s like and dislike in both cases. Hence it is gender discrimination because what female can do subjects to male’s likes and dislike. If today male dislike this, then female cannot do this. If tomorrow male dislike that, female cannot do that. In other sense, male has freedom to like/do this or that if they like, but female has no freedom to do this or that no matter they like or don’t like, as long as the male don’t like.

    It is however from the viewpoint of gender difference (not gender inequality), in some sense female has to be protected since male is still the dominant power almost everywhere (e.g. home, school, work place, government, and so on). Therefore we can see for example, male and female athletes are separated from competition because male has a stronger body. We also see protection of female in laws, for example a male will be guilty if he gives a female one punch, but a female will not be sentenced guilty (or very sentenced less guilty than the male) if she gives a male a punch. This is a protection because it prevents the male from giving female punches.

    My standpoint is, it “might be” a protection to female if they don’t wear sexy wear. I say “it might be” because I am not a psychologist/biologist nor a social scientist who can give professional scientific data and observation that whether no-sexy-wear can help reduce rape rate. This is a professional issue and it needs thorough survey and research. An example of this kind of consideration is that, Denmark (or Dutch, I don’t remember) as the first European country to make Adult Video legal commercial products, receive a great success in reducing the rape rate right in the year.

    I emphasize, I do not agree to have a law or rule to ask female to do this or that simply because of male’s like and dislike, as it is a gender discrimination, not fair to female. For example, I do not agree to ask female student stop wearing white uniform SIMPLY BECAUSE of MALE’S LIKES and DISLIKES. Although it might be a protection to female student if they don’t wear white uniform, but I do not encourage nor agree asking them stops wearing white uniform. This is because in the first place, white uniform has its own reason of being adopted. This is also because there are many other protection methods we can have for female, for example, have a more efficient police team, have a better sexual education (so that female students will be aware of their relationship with the males around).

    Xian Yang.

  4. i guess the uniform is ok to be retain but the schools should make it compulsory to wear a camisole underneath the white blouse. back when i was at school, if any girls who have been found not wearing camisole under their blouse, they get fined and dimerit..if it is a repeated action, parents would be informed on this.

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