Amendment of Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA)

Amendment of Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA)

Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement (DEMA) welcome the move by Minister of Higher Education, Mohamed Khaled Nordin to review the restrictive Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA). We see this as a positive move to student activism in higher institutions of learning.

The UUCA was first enacted in 1971 to curb the growing student movement and was amended in 1975. On 8/5/2008, Minister at Prime Minister Department, Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz said that the act was outdated and needs to be reviewed. Mohamed Khaled Nordin said that the proposals would be handed over to the AG’s Chambers by tomorrow. He also hoped that the proposed amendments can be debated at the next Parliament seating scheduled for August.

DEMA urge the Minister of Higher Education to specify the nature of the amendments and not until the bill is tabled for debate. This is to ensure that any amendment which allows violation of fundamental human rights is prohibited. We think that before the bill is being review, the ministry can get some feedback from the youth, student association and also the public. We further urge the ministry to include more students association in the amendments since the act is mainly related to student development.

We also hope that Mohamed Khaled Nordin shows his sincerity in this amendment since former Minister of Higher Education also promises to review the act. In fact, there were three former Ministers of Higher Education who have suggested to amend the act but ended up with nothing. DEMA also hope that Mohamed Khaled Nordin can provide a time frame for this amendment.

However, DEMA strongly urge that the Minister of Higher Education to abolish the UUCA since the main purpose of this act is used to curb student activism. The abolishment of UUCA will create an environment where students and lecturers are free to express their views and opinions and it is a necessary step towards establishing a world class higher education.

DEMA Secretary of Administration,

Simon Ooi


3 thoughts on “Amendment of Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA)

  1. first of all, i would like to thanks to the owner of this website bcz providing a place to leave a comment for a person like me. for ur info, i’m also a student in a public university in education programme. i was the ex student in law faculty in foundation programme and i know a little bit about the law. when i’m in m 1st university, i was given a copy of UUCA which was not the latest version(2009 amendment), but now, I don’t have a copy of the latest UUCA and it’s my responsibility to know the provision. yes, the govt had provide the provision for all university and college students, but, do the students know about the provision? and for a person like me who want to know about the provision which we bounded with, where can i get it?? these are the weaknesses of the system of law in Malaysia in my point of view. we have the law, but just certain who know the law. tq.

    • Ya, there are a lot of weaknesses in the system. You can always stay connected with us to get first hand news about UUCA, we are against it.

    • Please appreciate the advent of technology and surf the internet where you may obtain endless supply of information world wide plus a copy of the latest (PDF version) by simply typing UUC (Amendment) Act 2009, Malaysia.

      My dear, the government of Malaysia spent millions of ringgit to facilitate us all and benefit from latest technology. Please indulge. The least you could have done was to google, that’s all and download.

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