20/3 Kg Chubadak(Photo)

This was the fourth time we went to Kampung Chubadak, a Malay squatter area. The different color of our skin doesn’t stop us to help each other. This is the strong feeling of all the participants in this social service because most of the participant is Chinese, only one is Malay. Besides that, they also realize not only non-bumiputera is being marginalize, the Malay also live in this bad condition. The different is the people who in power or rich and the poor.

DEMA, an organisation involve various universities and college students is consistently organise social service from the beginning of this year. We have chosen Kg Chubadak as our service target.

The community leader Kak Wan share her story with us after our program. Her struggle for the rights of the community was touching every participant, she told the story how she faced the force eviction, police arrest, and the problem that she hardly unite the community people. She also felt very happy the university students concern the society, willing to “turun padang” (go to the ground) help the poor.

She serve us some cake and drink before we leave.

Last, thanks to the great participants we have today from UM, UPM, UKM, Maktab perguruan (teacher)! You are the best!

More photo below……

Kiri (Left)

Kanan (right)

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London Bridge

We teaches them do hand make fan



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