Forum: “What are the roles people should take after March 8?”

DEMA had organise a forum titled “What are the roles people should take after March 8?” which attend by around 90 university students from all over Malaysia, including UM, USM, UPM, UUM, UKM, New Era College and UTAR.

We have invited 3 speakers for this forum, they are Mr. Lim Hong Xiang (Assistant News Editor of, Mr Wong Chin Huat (President of WAMI and member of CSI-Parliament) and Ong Jing Cheng (DEMA Secretariat of International Affairs).

100_2149.jpg 100_2144.jpg

They provide a good analysis on the reasons BN suffered its worst defeat in 50 years when it lost its two-thirds majority in parliament. One of the main reasons should be SPR canceled indelible ink just 4 days before polling, this gave the impact to Rakyat and anger them because we know the game is unfair but you (SPR) still want to show your bias to BN so obviously.

The speakers also provide a clear vision how we can do after the dramatically change in Malaysia political situation. We (Rakyat) have the power to decide who rule the country, we should monitoring the government, and never give chance if they done wrong.

At state level, we can through legislative changes in these areas: freedom of information, water privatization, gender equality, planning for schools and religious facilities, and local elections.

I’m tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work. We are supposed to work it. ~Alexander Woollcott

Let’s work together for a better Malaysia!!!


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