Dear comrades and friends,

PROTES decided to do a demostration to protest not only petrol-hike and tol-hike, but also include goods-hike in general. Before the demostration, there will be also a talk to raise public-awareness on this issues. The details is as below:

1. Ceramah PROTES Pra-perhimpunan
date: 20/1/08 (Sun)
time: 8pm
venue: KLSCAH

2. PROTES public assembly
date: 26/1/08 (Sat)
time: 3pm
venue: in front of KLCC

Since DEMA is fully support the request made by PROTES and as a member organization in PROTES, we would like to encourage all to take part in this 2 events. Any information needed or if you need transport to go or whatever…. Please don’t hesitate to just make
your request here.

Who interested to attend please contact me or just leave your message here. Thanks!

Yong Jin
DEMA Secretary of National Affairs
Phone no: 012-3770626

harga barang naik


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