Students’ Victory: Lee Song Yong unreasonable one-semester suspension withdraw

Dear friends and supporters,

Good news in students’ struggle! The one-semester suspension of UPM student, Lee Song Yong had been withdraw, and changed to fine of RM 200 with a warning. He received a official letter from Ministry of Higher Education through UPM on 9/1/07.
We need to claim here that this is the victory of all of us who involved. This shows that students’ and peoples’ power can make the changes.
Of course this is not the ideal result that we fight for and fine RM 200 still means Song Yong was doing wrong in the case. Well, we won’t make an ending here, we will start another round of student rights awareness campaign start from here, as Song Yong not the only victim of student rights violation.

Thanks for all of you who been supported in our signature campaign and sending out the urgent appeal to give the pressure to the authority to make the decision change.

“Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win. ~Bernadette Devlin.”


Lee Song Yong was sentence to one-semester suspension by the UPM authority following UPM disciplinary proceeding on 22 November 2007 under infamous draconian law University and University College Act (UUCA) for allegedly obstructing a security guard from confiscating his personal belongings.

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