DEMA 2008 New Year Party with video and picture


Happy New Year 2008!


DEMA have organized a New Year Party on 30th Dec 2007 in Dema House. Around 30 dema members, seniors and supporters join in our hot and lively nite.


Except fried mee hoon, fried me and curry ayam. Our dearest Siao Hui and Heng Lung prepare the French fries, sausages, orange drinks and spaghetti with mushroom sauce (sponsored by Siew Fong) for us. Thanks for their effort!!


After eat & talk, we started our program of the night. As usual, one round of self-introduction to know more about each others, of course we can use the chance to ask more on the girl/boy we admired, like: whether you got boyfriend/girlfriend, hehe…


After that Bing Seng, UPM first year cute guy sang a Chinese friendship song for us while playing guitar, all the people there sang the song together. He also played “Yellow Rain” and gain applause from all of the audience.

Another UPM cute guy, Wen Yao led us a simple game called “I Hate U & I Love U”, those who lost the game had to dance or sing as punishment…


The last and most inspiring program is a song “Do you hear the people sing” presented by Chian Yi, her good voice indeed brings us to the heaven. This is a song come from Les Misérables musical about Freance revolution and how the people working toward freeing the oppressed lower class of France. Chian Yi also led us singing the song for few times while playing keyboard.

Thanks Raj for his champagne and chocolates. So sweet of you! We make a long long “Yam Seng” (toasting) to end of the cheerful night. Looking forward to meet you all in next event!

With video and pictures!







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