Press statement: Disclose All Toll Concession Agreement and Stop Investigation Using OSA

To News Editor,

Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM), a coalition comprises of various student organisations, is calling the government to discloses all toll concession agreement and stop investigation using Official Secret Act (OSA) against four opposition party leaders for revealing details of a toll concession agreement.

SMM is disappointed by the government抯 attitude where government classifed the toll concession agreement as official secret and denied the right to information of public.

Toll concession agreement is nothing related to national security but it is a document which influences the people抯 daily life. The disclosure of agreement contract would help in balancing the government power and people could play a role in check and balance in decision making. There is nothing to hide behind the agreement, unless something wrong happened in the toll concession agreement.

The summons against four opposition party leaders for revealing details of a toll concession agreement showed that the government is trying to hide its incompetence in protecting public interest. The investigation and searches on them using OSA are not necessary as the urgent need is for the government to explain to people the content of the agreement which disadvantages people.

Finally, SMM urges government to disclose all toll concession agreements and stop investigation using OSA. Government needs to keep its word on creating a corruption-free government where transparency is being practised in order to ensure the sustainable development of a country.

Mohd. Nazree bin Mohd. Yunus


President of Solidarity Mahasiswa Malaysia


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