Villagers and human rights defenders released, but the struggle of Kampong Berembang continues


23 villagers and human rights defenders who were arrested by the police on 20 November (Monday) for defending homes of the urban poor in Kampong Berembang were released on the same day. They were released at about 11:30pm on police bail at the Ulu Kelang police station. All of them are to be reported back to the Ampang Magistrate Court at 9.00am on 4 December 2006 .

The 23 detainees are:

1. Adli Abdul Rahman
2. Ahmad Tamrin
Arutchelvan (Secretariat member of SUARAM, Secretary General of the Socialist Party of Malaysia – PSM)
4. Awalluddin Sharif (Villager)
5. Azman Mohd
6. Chang Lih Kang
(Coordinator of SUARAM)
7. Ebrahim Haris (Activist, Food Not Bomb)
8. Faezae Ramzi
(Villager, 15 years old)
9. Fiqtriey bin Al Hakimi
(Activist, Food Not Bomb)
10. Kumaraveel
(JERIT activist)
11. Lechumy Devi Doraisamy
(Coordinator of JERIT – Network of the Oppressed People)
12. Lee Huat Seng (Secretary of Administration, Malaysian Youth & Students Democratic Movement, DEMA

13. Mohan (JERIT activist)

14. Mohd. Rajis (Villager)

15. Parames Elumalai (JERIT activist)

16. Ramachanthiran Ananthan (JERIT activist)

17. Ramalingam Thirumalai (JERIT activist)

18. Sabariah Ayoub (Villager)

19. Sevan (JERIT activist)

20. Sivarajan (Treasurer of PSM)

21. Thevarajan Ramasamy (JERIT activist)

22. V. Wani (JERIT activist)

23. Sugumaran (JERIT activist)


One of the villagers, Norhasliana binti Osman (24 year old) who was beaten into coma by the police and the municipal council enforcement team during the demolition has regained conscious on 21 November 2006 . She was put under the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital nearby after she lost conscious on 20 November.

Despite all the houses have been demolished, the villagers decided to continue the struggle for their right to housing and rebuild their homes on the same site. Some of them set up makeshift tents on the land where their houses used to be while others are staying in the praying room, the only structure that is left intact in the village.

On 22nd and 23rd November, the Ampang Jaya local council enforcement unit (Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya, MPAJ) had made a few attempts to demolish the praying room of the village. However, they were forced to withdraw due to the immense resistance of the villagers. The villagers are prepared to fight a long battle and they will stay until justice prevails.

For those who wish to give contribution or solidarity support to the villagers of Kampong Berembang, please contact Mr. Misnan at 012-3003871 or Ms. Parames at 013-6408159.


One thought on “Villagers and human rights defenders released, but the struggle of Kampong Berembang continues

  1. Haha! why huat seng name ‘klip klip’??? promote for him ah?

    anyway, this is the time for students to come out stand together with the people!

    “viva students power”

    “hidup rakyat!”

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