7th DEMA Annual General Meeting

The 7th DEMA Annual General Meeting had been successfully organized on 27th August 2006 in Kajang New Era College. The AGM serve as the supreme decision opportunity to making body of the movement. Members from different parts of Malaysia grabbed the express their views and recommendations for DEMA.


Universities in Malaysia had infamous track of records of suppressing student activism. It is crucial to not only advance the struggle of abolishing UUCA, but to organize the students upholding social justice, freedom and equality towards a democratic society. From the reports of secretariats, DEMA under the banner of Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, students obtained a victory propagating a couple of issues in last year. As one of the active member organization in SMM, DEMA look forward to break the racial barrier among students and restore campus democracy.


In future planning and visualization, the establishment of base building team and committee for DEMA’s constitution amendment were proposed. For the past one year, no new campus base was established. We see the importance of expand the campus base to strengthen the student movement. Therefore, more effort should be put on to invite more students to join in. For DEMA constitution, there is a need to review some of the silent matter that it did not mention e.g. the quorum to commence the AGM. The new committee board will appoint person in charge for the team.


The last part of the AGM is the election of the new committee board. The result of the election of new committee board member is :

Secretary of Administration

Lee Huat Seng

Secretary of National Affairs

Lim Sok Swan

Secretary of International Affairs

Kong Wee Cheng


Teh Chian Yi


Tan Kar Hing

Coordinator of Students Politics Department

Simon Ooi Tze Min

Coordinator of Social Service Department

No nominee. Will be appointed by the new board.

Coordinator of Publication Department

Sek Choon Shiou

Coordinator of Media Department

Kam Poay Hua

USM campus coordinator

Ong Jing Cheng

UPM campus coordinator

Teh Yee Keong

UTM campus coordinator

Loh Boon Keat


“We persevere because we believe in change.”


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